SATURDAY, 9.11.2024
Nova Gorica, Slovenia

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The run between the past and the future

Sabotin, Škabrijel and Sveta Gora are in the mere centre of our running experience. The hills that once, not so long ago, separated us, today they unite us, and therefore, we have decided to offer you a unique running experience. We set up three route courses across their peaks. On these three courses, 10 km, 28 km and 64 km, we offer you a running adventure along beautiful trails, and moments that will always stay in your hearts.

First across the Soča by raft, and then over the longest suspension bridge in Slovenia, running through a 280-metre long cavern, dating back to the First World War, crossing the Sabotin ridge with amazing views, all of these facts are the reasons that simply make you come to visit us.

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